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From now on my posts will be friends only. Thanks for understanding.

All things titanic and a bit extra

As we all know the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking is this year and our little group here are going to commemorate the occasion (like just about everyone in the costuming world) ...

I have already started and have made my under bust corset (photos will follow).  I used the online pattern from bridges on the body blog http://bridgesonthebody.blogspot.com.au/2010/12/titanic-era-corset-and-pattern.html.  Went together really well, no dramas - whew.  I just have to add some frilly bits to it.

Next on the list is a new chemise.  I really want I have seen in books with a little strap like these:

I haven't found any "patterns" or such so I am really guessing it is just a square piece gathered above the bust. I am debating wether to add a gores or just a slightly gathered skirt for the hips. Can't seem to find any extant examples (only those from a later period) so i guess I will make it up as I go on.

I bought some beautiful fabric for my under shirt which will be next.  All hopefully done by the end of the weekend.


I had a retro cocktail partee a couple of weeks ago (tupperware) and managed to finish my cocktail dress (well I didn't get the hem done - I just zigzagged the edge ready to hem at a future date).  I have to borrow a photo to show you the dress ....


Hello world

Big changes have happened in my personal life - like a separation and a new house.

Looking forward to 2012 and especially the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  It seems like everyone who is anyone in the costuming world is doing something for this momentous occasion and so will I.

Thankfully 2 of my favourite groups - the ACG (yes I have returned as the person dynamic has changed considerably) and RIFF are joining forces and holding 2 events, so it is a day gown (or visiting gown) and an evening/dinner gown.

First up of course is the undergarments and a new chemise and corset.

More to follow once I get started (and finish unpacking) 

and the forementioned dress ...

Also wearing my new fabulous wedge shoes.

The BIGGEST compliment of the night (Gangsters Ball here in Brissy) was "was my dress an authentic one?". She had no idea how much it means to a costumer to have their creations thought of as really of the period.

Silk cotton blends feel sooooo lovely and move so beautifully but are a right royal pain in the ....


how awesome

to have a vintage 1938 pattern in only 1 size that will require no alterations.


the dilemma

Metal rings or hand bound eyelets to lace my kirtle?????

The metal rings will be a lot quicker - but don't want to waste time tomorrow running around trying to find them BUT
The hand bound eyelets will take longer but I can start right now (and continue when I get home).

Going to see Jane Eyre tonight - seems to be getting pretty good reviews so looking forward to how this one looks and relates to the book.

Visit to the 15th Century

My group has been invited to a Medieval event spaning 200 years (1380-1580) - easy to pick my impression as my group also is planning a mid 15th century encampment for other events. 

SOOO mid 15th century it is.

Now I am going to cheat and use my linen regency chemise as the foundation garment as no one will see it in any case and there is at least one image that I have noticed (see below) that has short white sleeves on a (what could be a) chemise, I think it is not a huge stretch to be ok with this decision (I will make a proper one eventually as she COULD be pushing her sleeves up).

This is now the inspiration for my kirtle - a sleeveless one.  At first I was wanting a front laced, long sleeved kirtle in blue linen from my stash - only to find that I only have 2 metres (DARN).  SO I might just be able to make a sleeveless kirtle with a waist seam (still front laced of course).

But I am certainly not going bare armed.  I have purchased some green wool which will be an over kirtle.  I really like this image:

I also LOVE the belt/tie and bag.

The past 2 1/2 months in pictures...

Starting with History Alive:

 (this is ma boy)

Rained Saturday night and our tent held up beautifully.

Irish Dance #3:

Nearly killed me again, but got it all done.

Bedroom makeovers:

G's room - red, pink and black

  Photos don't show the colour very well.

My room

Regency dinner (I actually cooked the main meal of beef and roasted vege ragout, fried pototo slices and cauliflower in cream sauce):

I also made a set of graces for a friend (no pic though).

Now I am makeing Irish dance #4.  It is for the younger sister (and I just couldn't say no) but it is a beginner dress so is A LOT simplier.

Next will be 15th century costume (if I have time) for an event on the 20th August.

Nick's trousers done.


Now onto Irish Dance dress, to fund my History Alive budget.

*le sigh*
Needs to be shot ....

Having said that, I GUESS it should really be my fault I am spending WAY too much time playing the stupid game rather than sew pants....

but I am making progress ...

 Waistband is on....

and the back eyelets are half done.

I have tomorrow off work so by all means I should have Nick kitted out but then home alone with computer and frontierville just might be too tempting.



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